Alex Parillo

Name: Alexandra Parillo

School:Connetquot High School


Position: libero

Why do you train outside of your sport? 

The reason I train outside of my sport is to build endurance, strengthen my weaknesses, and to be exposed to different movement patterns that I cannot get if I specialize in my one sport.

How often do you train?

I train 5-6 days a week, every week.

Why do you train so often?

The reason I choose to train so often is so I can accomplish the goals I have set out for myself.

Why do you train at Revolution Athletics? 

Revolution Athletics gives me a family atmosphere, yet a very competitive environment. The range of athletes from all NCAA divisions gives me a sense of purpose and drive on what I have to do at the next level.


Jamie Smith

imagevPosition: Setter, Right Side

2016 All State
2016 All Long Island 1st Team
2016 All County
2016 Nassau County Class AA MVP
2016 Long Island Player of the Year – Newsday
2015 All State
2015 All Long Island 1st Team
2015 All County
2015 Nassau County Class AA MVP
2015 NYS Section 8 MVP
2014 All County
2013 Nassau County All Tournament Team
2013 Massapequa H.S. Scholar Athlete Award

Why Volleyball?

Jamie Smith: I have grown up surrounded by volleyball. Both my parents play, as well as my brothers, so from the time I could first walk I was surrounded by the sport. Ultimately, over time I fell in love with the sport and have been hooked ever since!

Why Iona?

Jamie Smith: I chose Iona because of the sense of passion, pride, and integrity you can find on campus as well as on the volleyball court. The academics and athletics are both rewarding and challenging and the people there make you feel welcomed and as if you are at your home away from home.

Why do you train off the court?

Jamie Smith: I train off the court in order to improve my athleticism and play on the court. Training is a critical part of being an athlete because the work you put in in the gym becomes prevalent on the court. Also, I train specifically because I want to be the best version of myself that I can be as a volleyball player and student of the game.

Why do you travel 30 minutes to Revolution Athletics?

Jamie Smith: I travel a seemingly long distance to Revolution Athletics because I know that when I go to train there I am surrounded by some of the best strength and speed coaches around. Everyone there has the same goal of wanting to be the best athlete they can be. Also, Revolution Athletics provides me the opportunity to learn the proper ways to train and to push myself to be better in not just athletics but in life.

Danielle Cosgrove

Danielle Cosgrove trains consistently, year round. Whether it’s on the court or the weight room, she puts in effort every day to get better at her sport.  With shooting drills, team practices, plyometrics, conditioning, weightlifting, etc. she is able to reach the top of her sport, and still finds the drive to continue pushing herself, striving to get even better!  She even takes most weekends to travel from Long Island to Philadelphia to compete at the highest level she can in AAU! That’s dedication!

How good is Danielle Cosgove? Well, ESPN ranked her 8th in her position, and 48th overall.  That’s out of the whole nation! Last year she averaged 22.8 points per game, along with 12.7 rebounds. ESPN comments how patient she is in the post, how she reads defenders and reacts, how physical she is in block, and is among the elite post prospects in class of 2018. An athlete at Revolution Athletics, she puts in the extra effort to take her game to a whole new level. Keep up the good work, Danielle!


Chris Gray


5:30AM. That is when Chris Grays’ alarm went off, every Monday through Thursday, for the entire summer in order to make the 7AM class at Revolution Athletics.  He worked on getting better, building up weaknesses, solidifying strengths, persevering through any obstacles that arose.

One of those weaknesses he placed upon himself was size, and having the confidence to play at his body weight and height.  But this is was a false weakness, one created by the mind to restrict himself from his full potential.  And through perseverance and training, Chris overcame this mental barrier, and carried this confidence through the season, and is (at the time of this article) Second in Long Island Varsity Lacrosse Points, with 75 goals and 21 assists.

Sarah McKeveny

Sarah McKeveny – Softball Pitcher For Connetquot/LI Crush 18U Gold

This Season:

8 wins on the season
3 home runs
.419 Batting average
13 RBIs with 118 strikeouts in the circle
Grand Slam on April 7th 2017 to put her team ahead

Recently Featured as Athlete of the Week in Newsday
View the article here!

From November 30th til March 8th, she attended 61 classes at Revolution Athletics, never missing more than a few days in a row, even coming the day after Christmas!  Averaging around 20 classes per month, Sarah and her friends dedicated their preseason to consistent training, and put in effort while they were in class.

They came in, did their work, and are now successful in their season.  No magic, no bologna, no gimmicks.  Do the work, reap the rewards: that’s it.



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