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Sarah McKeveny

18336552_10155197074414590_672854558_nSarah McKeveny – Softball Pitcher For Connetquot/LI Crush 18U Gold

This Season:

8 wins on the season

3 home runs
.419 Batting average
13 RBIs with 118 strikeouts in the circle
Grand Slam on April 7th 2017 to put her team ahead




Recently Featured as Athlete of the Week in Newsday
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From November 30th til March 8th, she attended 61 classes at Revolution Athletics, never missing more than a few days in a row, even coming the day after Christmas!  Averaging around 20 classes per month, Sarah and her friends dedicated their preseason to consistent training, and put in effort while they were in class.

They came in, did their work, and are now successful in their season.  No magic, no bologna, no gimmicks.  Do the work, reap the rewards: that’s it.

Hello 2017, Let’s Evaluate!


So you’re finally ready to commit!  You’ve gathered up the drive, the dedication, the discipline to grind out at least two hours of training a day, at least four days per week, throughout the Nine Month Off Season.


But You’re Late.
The truly dedicated have been here since November….

But alas, there is still hope.
You can still salvage 2017…
“But how do I do that?” you might ask.  Never been to Revolution Athletics before?  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 631-615-2719 to set up an evaluation. During said evaluation you will work 1-on-1 with a performance specialist going over some of our warmup series, techniques we like to see our athletes’ exhibit, and getting some baseline tests and data.  We also conduct both open-chain and closed-chain movements, looking for weaknesses, strengths, and incorrect movement patterns.
Bring your cleats, bring your water, bring your best ‘you’.

Mental Checks and Balances


In the above link, you’ll find a video of Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS going over a challenge that involves sprinting, burpees, cone touches, and bear crawls.

I came across this challenge whilst scouring forums for new fitness goals and information.  Earlier this week I was discussing with one of my clients the importance of ‘mental checks’ and the ability to break mental barriers.  For instance, the challenge issued above seems simple, possibly pointless, but it’s a goal. It’s tangible. I can grab it if I try hard enough.  While having too many of these goals drives people towards obsession, then resentment and despair, sprinkling them throughout the training cycle drives athletes towards accomplishment, instilling confidence while breaking the phrase “I can’t” or “That’s impossible”. For example I’ve committed to attending Spin classes once a week with the lady friend, which can be viewed as a burden, a chore, a wall in the way of my lifting goals and progress.  Or it can be viewed as an excursion, a vacation from the norm, an opportunity to achieve something new. 
If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then what is? What have you viewed as impossible, insurmountable? Why? What’s stopping you?
Jim Scheller


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