Bluechip Combine

Bluechip Combine

18278873_1554814147902505_3468650768797289553_oIt was a sunny day. Breezy, yes, without a doubt, but sunny, and filled with optimism, excitement, and the opportunity to succeed.  We were fortunate on this day.  We were lucky enough to witness the potential of over 100 Long Island Athletes’ as they performed to their fullest at the Blue Chip Combine: May 2017 edition.  With Coach Chris Myrthil at the helm of warm-ups, everyone was amped up and ready to go for the variety of testing they were going to undergo, including the Bench Press, the 40 yard dash, and the Pro Agility drill, along with 4 other relevant drills.  After all groups rotated through each event, they had a quick water break, followed by the meat of the dinner: the Skill Drills.  This is where Athletes’ were coached up by Long Islands Top High School Football Coaches, along with the most prominent athletes’ to come from Long Island, such as Dalton Crossan and Ethan Wiederkehr, in their specific positions to display what they can do between the End zones.  Pitted against one another in 1-on-1’s; running routes, hitting bags, hitting one-another, getting Football Experience in the off-season; the way the game is meant to be played.  A Big Thank You to Coach Hans Wiederkehr and everyone involved with the 2017 Blue Chip Combine for letting Revolution Athletics be a part of an amazing event!


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