Becoming a better athlete on and off the turf!

Becoming a better athlete on and off the turf!

Why do we have a career in this field, this field of athletics, training, healthy movement patterns, and everything associated with those categories? I would answer that we are striving to make humans better at being just that: human!

What does it take to be a better human? It takes hard work, dedication, confidence, setting attainable goals, and a commitment to growth and learning.

What we aim to do in the weight room, on the turf, or on the track, is to give them to tools to be healthier, wiser, more efficient humans, carrying over to every aspect of life. Whether it be better at covering an attackman in lacrosse, or playing with their little cousins in the weekend, we are teaching the proper technique and motor patterns to be successful anywhere.

For example, one of our high school athletes came to us performing lunges with arms and legs on the same side of his body moving together, instead of opposite arm and leg. After two classes with any of our coaches the athlete is now moving properly, with increased speed, firing on all cylinders!3.18blog

That athlete can now progress faster than his peers who have not been coached up in proper running technique. He is less likely to injure himself during his sport, while gaining the confidence that comes along with progression and accomplishment. This just one of the many examples of growth that can be found at Revolution Athletics.

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