Dalton Crossan

Dalton Crossan

What has made Dalton Crossan successful?

1) Confidence- Dalton wasn’t heavily recruited by Division 1A schools but that didn’t stop him from being confident in his athletic abilities. He was given an opportunity to play at a Division 1AA school by the University of New Hampshire. He knew he could compete at a very high level and stayed confident in his abilities to prove to everyone that he could be special. He was given an opportunity and he took advantage of it not just athletically but academically.

2) Work Ethic- Dalton has been training since he was a kid working on his athleticism and in the process he developed a hard working mentality that helped further build his confidence in his athletic ability. The more he trained the more confidence he built in himself because of his hard work. The years of training molded him into the hard working confident athlete he is today. It’s this mind set and mentality that has taken him to this athletic level. He taught himself through his work ethic that if you want something bad enough you have to work at it everyday. He never expected anyone else to do it for him he knew he had to work relentlessly to compete at the highest level. In doing so throughout his life he has taught himself a very important lesson and made hard work a habit. It didn’t matter if it was football or life he learned that if he has a goal he would have to work everyday to achieve that goal.

3) Adversity- his work ethic helped him develop confidence and taught him that even when life was hard and his goals seemed impossible that if he stayed focused and worked at being the best he could be, he could accomplish anything. By facing adversity and the challenges he continued to grow as a person and an athlete. This attitude and confidence created the opportunity he now has with the Indianapolis Colts. This mind set is what will make him successful not just in football but in life. Even if Dalton didn’t get this opportunity the years of hard work and commitment to growth are what would make him successful in life. Sports have taught him how to work hard and stay focused not only when everything goes right but also in the times when everything seems to be going wrong. When the world makes you feel as if it doesn’t want you to succeed, Dalton never lost his focus. He kept working and that is an invaluable life lesson.

4) Reward- whether it was the NFL or working towards a career elsewhere, Dalton will be successful because of the person he has molded himself into. These are the stories that young athletes need to hear. These are the lessons that sports teach you and these lessons that we learn are what help develop young men and women into successful business men/women/parents etc. We can all learn from others experiences and use them to help us grow and become the person we want to be.


In conclusion: We wish Dalton the best in the NFL, but more importantly we wish him the best in life and thank him for inspiring others to follow there heart/dreams. We can all learn from his experiences and see that dreams can become a reality with hard work, commitment and focus.

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