Why Revolution Athletics?

Why Revolution Athletics?

I, Justin Kull, started this company for one reason: To be a mentor to young athletes and give them the confidence, knowledge, and guidance I didn’t have as an athlete growing up. I’m driven by this passion because I was a kid from Long Island and I wanted to play collegiate football and had minimal guidance because I was always told that we don’t produce football players and its rare that kids from Long Island can play football at a high level. I walked on to a Division 1 program and learned very quickly what we were missing. I have dedicated the past 9 years to prove to the nation that this area does have a lot of talent and kids who can be impact players at the collegiate level. Long Island has been missing the component of great strength and speed training and I have changed the culture of Long Island over the past 9 years. IMG_0648 copy

My company has become the most respected company on Long Island when it comes to training athletes ages 7-18 years old. I now have an influence not just on the athletes, but all the coaches and my competitors. I speak at the High School coaches meetings/youth league meeting and I speak with my competitors in my industry on how we accomplished what we do with training.  People have developed trust in our word and highly respect my opinion on what to do with our athletes.

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